System Integration

Accelerate business performance with Systems Integration

Is information and data across your organisation inaccurate, incomplete and inconsistent? Research has shown organisations that operate disconnected systems have poor visibility and control and may be losing sales and customers. Disparate systems also contribute to a breakdown in company-wide communication, as well as inefficiencies and duplication of processes. This is particularly worrying if your organisation has to manage changing regulations, prices or policies.

iNimble Solutions specialises in systems integration and customisation of leading software packages such as SharePoint, Dynamics CRM and InRule Business Rules Engine. We can help your organisation maximise value and return on all your IT investments, by integrating, developing, implementing or customising enterprise-wide solutions to your business needs.

iNimble Solutions will assist you to leverage the power of your existing business systems by cost-efficiently and painlessly integrating your applications. This is attested by our clients that span a wide-range of industries from finance, insurance, healthcare, professional services and others.

To ensure your business systems are connected to support and drive future growth, contact us today.